Trust Administration Attorney

A trust administration attorney is an excellent option for individuals and families choose to establish a revocable living trust during their lifetime as part of their estate plan. One of the benefits of establishing a revocable living trust, which is properly funded, is that you can avoid having to probate an estate at death.

About Trust Administration Attorney Services

Working with a trust administration attorney is often preferable to probate for a number of reasons. First, there is more privacy because the trust administration is a private proceeding that does not need to be administered in court. Second, trust administrations are often less costly and more time efficient.

Creating an estate plan that meets a client’s family goals is the first step.  The next step is to make sure that your family goals for the client’s trust or estate are carried out and completed.  This is achieved through the trust administration of the trust, or through probate in some instances.

CA Trust Administration Services
  • The assets of a decedent must be identified, retitled, accounted for, and distributed to the beneficiaries. 
  • Creditors must be paid. 
  • Final individual tax returns and estate and/or trust returns should be filed.

Clients should expect that the trust administration process will take several months.  Trust administration will often be completed much more quickly than a probate however; this is often due to the fact that probate matters are court supervised, and all actions of the executor must be approved.  In the event probate is necessary, we are prepared to assist you and answer all of your questions.

Although a trustee can in some cases administer a trust herself, with more complicated trusts it can be overwhelming. Also, a trustee has certain fiduciary duties to a trust. If a trustee has concerns about being able to properly administer a trust on their own, or wants to ensure that they fulfill their duties to a trust, it may be helpful for the trustee to work with an attorney.

An attorney with knowledge of estate planning, as well as the pertinent tax issues, is best suited for this task. Attorney Christina Weed has years of relevant experience in complex tax and trust issues in Walnut Creek and all of California. You will be in good hands you can trust.

There are certain deadlines that a trustee must meet as well, and if a trustee is administering the estate of a family member or loved one, there is often a grieving period. During this period it may be difficult for the trustee to meet certain deadlines, and an attorney can help relieve some of this burden.