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We specialize in taxation and assist clients with income tax planning and preparation, for individuals and businesses, as well as estate planning, including wills and trusts.  Allow a skilled tax lawyer to help minimize your tax burden.

“Once again the ladies of Weed Law Group saved the day.

After my probate case was over and settled, the county offices made a mistake and reassessed my home, removing me from Prop 13 tax rates. I called Weed Law Group, PC and they jumped all over it.

One of the first things they did on my behalf was file paperwork for protection under Prop 13. They called the county offices over and over until they were able to fix the problems with the reassessment.

I thought about how lucky I was to have found Weed Law Group, PC and my heart goes out to so many people who have gone through a similar situation and did not have anyone to help them.

If this post helps people help themselves and seek help from Weed Law Group, PC then I think I’m paying it forward. Thank you to the staff and everyone at Weed Law Group,PC. I will always call you whenever I need you.”


Why choose Weed Law Group for for tax law & estate needs?

Clients should absolutely work with us because of our expertise is tax law! Tax law touches everything: business, estate planning, settlements in litigation, households, families, and really everything else – especially in California but also nationwide.

We offer one-of-a-kind legal services because of this expertise without charging thousands of dollars per hour as large international law firms do. Our team is trained to pay attention to every, little detail as part of our commitment to providing our clients the best legal services possible.

Weed Law Group, PC Tax Attorney in Walnut Creek

The Weed Law Group is a top source for anyone needing a tax attorney or estate planning attorney. A tax attorney can work with you to help resolve tax audits and tax examination situations. If you need federal and CA state tax appeals in Walnut Creek, we can help. We also offer assistance for all your estate planning needs. An estate planning lawyer from Weed Law Group can help ensure that your estate is in order, which may include drafting a new will or creating a trust to provide for your beneficiaries.​

Tax Controversies

If you are currently dealing with a tax audit or any other tax controversies, get a hold of us as soon as possible. We can assess your tax situation and help you determine the best course of action.

Civil Litigation

If you are facing a civil lawsuit, it helps to have an attorney looking out for your interests. We can help with each stage of the civil litigation process. We can also assist those wishing to file a civil complaint against another party. Allow us to review the situation to determine whether you have a case.  We fiercely advocate for our clients.

Estates, Wills, and Trusts

Estate planning often involves the creation of wills and trusts, as well and financial and medical durable powers of attorney, to ensure that your final wishes are carried out. You can plan for the distribution of your assets to your loved ones, which can limit their burden after your passing. In addition, as tax lawyers, we are uniquely qualified to advise you on income, estate, and gift tax planning. We can also assist with preparing estate and/or fiduciary income tax returns. In addition, if you need assistance with the management of your trust, we will assist you.